Site Updates

After a lengthy hiatus, I have decided to devote a bit more attention to my long forgotten site. Long story short, I began by attempting to update a few software packages and ended up scrapping the entire blog engine and redoing a good bit of the site under the hood. Becca and I decided that we were tired of the cobbled-together feel of the editor in b2e and wanted to go along with the crowd by giving WordPress a try.

Unfortunately I’ve had to scrap all the old posts, since I couldn’t find a way to gracefully (read: with automated scripts) convert them from one blog software to another. I decided not to convert each one manually, since I couldn’t justify spending the time on something that’s not all that important to save in the end.

Life has been pretty busy, between two jobs and a new home, but I’ll make an effort to post some new content here soon.

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