About This Site

I've been on the 'net since some time late in 1995, when my family bought a computer and signed up to Compuserve. Back then, the web was pretty much unheard of; most communication took place in newsgroups and bulliten boards, even the most profesional websites were composed of very simple HTML with minimalist design, and advertising on websites was virtually non-existent. Some time around '97 or '98, I made a very crude page and uplaoded it to our web space on Compuserve as a repository for various files and information about myself.

In 2001, I put together a real site, which contained a selection of my nature photography, a hobby I picked up toward the end of high school. The site sat on Earthlink for three years, until I got bored one day and decided to redesign it in October 2004. After spending a few days teaching myself CSS, I threw together several ideas for a design which just didn't work due to my bad coding. After working out all the bugs, I finally have a site that hopefully renders correctly in most browsers and doesn't look half bad, either.

in 2004, I got swept up in the blogging craze. I added a blog from Google's Blogger service to the main page and continue to post to it somewhat less often then regularly. In March, 2005, I moved the page to the shared hosting service PowWeb to give myself more space and a real domain name, gsmhiker.net. I've also posted some of the nature photogryphy I've taken over the last few years, and have many pictures availible for use as high-quality scenic desktop backgrounds. The site has been sporadically updated ever since but went through a major redesign in the spring of 2009.

About Me

I graduated from Maryville College in 2005 with a degree in Biology. My undergraduate work focused on plant ecology and pathology. From there, I moved to Mississippi in order to pursue graduate studies in Plant Pathology. I finished a Master's degree in December 2008 and have stayed on for a Ph.D. which I began in early 2009.

One of my hobbies is nature photography, and sharing and preserving my pictures is one of my main purposes behind this site. I love to travel, and taking photographs is a great way to remember the experience, much more so than a plastic souvenir. I also enjoy hiking, camping, and geocaching. When I'm indoors, I enjoy working with computers, but I'm not quite proficient enough to create any useful software beyond the occasional script or bookmarklet.

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All desktop images are copyright by me and may only be used for personal, non-commercial use. They are provided free of charge to individuals and may not be modified, sold, uploaded to another website, or redistributed without my permission. Photos may be used offline for educational purposes so long as I am given credit, the photos are not included in any work which will be sold, and no more than 25 physical copies of the work will be created. Most other site graphics and background images were created by me. The forum engine was provided by b2evolution, and the software behind the photo pages by gallery2.