Closed, abandoned, and forgotten trails of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

I've always loved maps, especially historic maps. Old maps reveal long forgotten locations and features that may still exist today. I recently acquired some 1926 and 1934 maps of the park, and have been using them to explore a wealth of forgotten information. Whether it's the location of the former town of Judson (now under the waters of Fontana Lake) or the layout of the original logging railroads above Townsend, there is much to be found off trail in the Smokies.

Before we begin, a word of warning. Some of the old trails in the park (such as Polls Gap) were closed for very good reasons. Do not travel off trail without knowing what you're getting in to. Always have a good map (not the $1 park trail map available at visitor centers), water, the means to stay warm (fire, for example), a first aid kit, an itinerary, and other essential supplies you may need if you inadvertently end up spending a night or two in the woods. All of the information here is given for reference purposes only and I can't be responsible for any trouble you get in to. I haven't hiked all of these trails myself and there are a few that I never plan to.

Tennessee Trails

North Carolina Trails