What is geocaching? Imagine a sport that employs a handheld device that can pinpoint your location down to six feet anywhere in the world. Now imagine that you are given a set of coordinates, and a task to perform once you get there. Getting to the coordinates could involve anything from driving, hiking, climbing, swimming, or navigating a suburban neighborhood maze, and once you get there you have to perform a certain task to prove your visit. This can include finding, signing, and replacing a logbook in a busy public place without being seen, answering a question, asking a store owner or bartender for the logbook, or even doing jumping jacks on the roof of an airport parking garage!

A majority of caches involve visiting an interesting, historic, or scenic location, finding a container with a log inside, and signing in. The idea has been around since May of 2000, and I became involved in December of 2002 when I got a GPS for hiking. Since then, I have found over 1000 caches, placed about 60, and met hundreds of people from around the world.

Tennessee Area Clubs:

Great Smoky Mountains Geocaching Club- Our local caching group
Middle Tennessee Geocachers- Caching group based in the Nashville area

GSMGC Adopt a Highway Project

I am the club member in charge of the Adopt a Highway project. We plan to have our first cleanup sometime in late April, if our applicaiton is apporoved in time. As the date approaches, I will add a link to the event. More information about the cleanup can be found here.

ARC Files

I have a collection of ARC filter files of interstate exits throughout Tennessee for use in GSAK that can be found here.

Caching Statistics

Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint was at one time the premier site for geocaching maps and statistics, but was recently cut off from accessing the data needed to keep it's stats up to date.

This page has rankings of cachers throughout the world, and also has them broken down by state and country. keeps a list of the top 1000 geocachers, which can be sorted by number of finds, hides, or the total of both.

My Caching Stats

As of March, 2005, I have found over 1300 caches.

States Visited and Cached:

Found Caches Maps:

Instructions on how to create these maps can be found here.